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You have in your hands a book with the same ISBN as a book already on Goodreads, but it has a different cover. Your cover is also shown for that ISBN on Amazon. Which of the following should you do? Using the Add an Alternate Cover Edition link, create a new edition with your cover.

For sacred texts with unknown or ambiguous authors, can editors and publishers be listed as secondary authors? The editor can be listed but not the Publisher

When a short story only published in an anthology wins an award you:   Add the award to the anthology.

You own the Kindle edition of Joyous News, but you cannot find it on Goodreads. However, there is an ebook edition of Joyous News, which has the same cover as your Kindle edition. It also has an ISBN. You should: Add a new edition for the Kindle Edition, using the ASIN and other book data from Amazon.

Which of the following statements is true when it comes to setting the format of a book? All of the above

Which of the following sample titles is correctly formatted? A and D

Which of the following title field entries is correct for a book titled "Happy Monday" that is the 1st book in the "Happy Days" series (for a series made up entirely of novellas)? Either A or C

The official URL field is used for  The official book page on the author/publishers site

Should sentence case be used when entering book title/series information? No for books with titles in English, but yes for languages where that is the accepted standard.

Who can add/edit series pages? Goodreads Staff and Goodreads Librarians

A book has XLI pages at the beginning; followed by the book itself, which ends on page 656; followed by an author's note, which ends on page 659; followed by an extract from another book by the author which ends on page 703. Which of the following is the page count that should be listed? 659

Which of the following is an acceptable source for cover images? Amazon, Book Depository, publisher websites

If multiple books have been reprinted together that are not part of a series, all of the included titles should be listed in the title field. Which of the following is the preferred separator between the individual book titles? a forward slash

When are you allowed to remove a cover image? When it is a Cover Coming Soon! İmage

When a short story only published in an anthology wins an award you: Add the award to the anthology.

Which of the following can be used as a reliable source for page numbering when a book is missing the page count? WorldCat is best for print books; Amazon or the publisher for ebooks.

An author has published Very Scary Story under the name John Q. Public. Now he has a new edition coming out, and the cover lists the author as Johnny Lately. Which of the following is correct? All editions of the work must have John Q. Public listed as the primary author. The new edition must also have Johnny Lately as the second author. Older editions may have Johnny Lately as the second author, but that is optional.

Which of the following people have the ability to use the Add an Alternate Cover Edition link? A and B

When you add text to a Librarian Note in a book record, what happens when you press Save? The text becomes visible on the book edit page and on the combine page of the author, but is not sent to anyone.

A book is part of two series: Rainbow World, and a trilogy set within that series, called The Violet Trilogy. The book should only be listed as part of the Rainbow World series.