Phandelver Maps

5 INTRODUCTION CRAGMAW HIDEOUT the opening above. A character attempting to ascend or descend the chimney shaft must

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the opening above. A character attempting to ascend or descend the chimney shaft must make a DC 10 Strength (Athletics) check. If the check succeeds, the character moves at half speed up or down the shaft, as desired. On a check result of 6-9, the character neither gains nor loses ground; on a result of 5 or less, the character falls and takes Id6 bludgeoning damage per 10 feet fallen, landing prone at the base of the shaft. DEVELOPMENTS If the wolves are goaded by enemies beyond their reach, they are driven into a frenzy that allows them to yank the iron rod securing their chains out of the floor. Each round that any character remains in sight, the wolves attempt a single DC 15 Strength check. On the first success, they loosen the rod and the DC drops to 10. On a second success, they yank the rod loose, bending it so that their chains are freed. A goblin or bugbear can use its action to release one wolf from its chain.




Maps that appear in this adventure are for the DM's eyes only. A map not only shows an adventure location in its entirety but also shows secret doors, hidden traps, and other elements the players aren't meant to see-hence the need for secrecy. Maps are best used to show multiroom lairs and other locations that have many places to explore. Therefore, not every location needs a map. When the players arrive at a location marked on a map, you can either rely on a verbal description to give them a clear mental picture of the location, or you can draw what they see on a separate piece of graph paper, copying what's on your map while omitting details as appropriate. Scale and Grid. A scale allows you to measure distances and dimensions accurately, which is important for combat encounters, magical effects, and light sources, among other things. Indoor maps use grid squares that are either 5 feet on a side or 10 feet on a side. Compass Rose. A compass rose comes in handy when you're describing locations. For instance, you might need to tell players about "barrels along the north wall" or "the staircase descending to the west."


From this point on, characters without darkvision will need light to see their surroundings. The main passage upward,

from the cave mouth

the stream

side. In the shadows, other


and splashing

a side passage

side of the stream.


In the shadows


down its west

leads west across

Characters using light or darkvision to look farther up the passage spot the bridge at area 5. Add:


of the ceiling to the north,

out the dim shape crossing intersects

you can just make

of a rickety bridge of wood and rope

over the passage this one, twenty


of you. Another


feet above the floor.



The master of the Phandalin post is a sharp-tongued human woman of thirty-five named Linene Graywind. She knows that bandits have raided Lionshield caravans, but she doesn't know who is responsible. In a back room, Linene keeps a supply of armor and weapons, all of which are for sale to interested buyers. (For prices, see "Adventuring Gear" in the rulebook.) Linene has a few scruples, however, and won't sell weapons to anyone she thinks might be a threat to the town. Among those with whom she refuses to do business are the Redbrands. She warns the characters that the ruffians are trouble and advises them to avoid the Sleeping Giant tap house. Recovered Goods. If the characters return the stolen goods found in area 8 of the Cragmaw hideout (or if they left the goods but reveal where they can be found), Linene gives them a reward of 50 gp and promises to help the adventurers any way she can.




The Miner's Exchange is a trading post where local miners have their valuable finds weighed, measured, and paid out. In the absence of any local lord or authority, the exchange also serves as an unofficial records office, registering claims to various streams and excavations around the area. There isn't any real gold rush in Phandalin, but enough wealth is hidden in the nearby streams and valleys to support a good number of independent prospectors.

The exchange is a great place to meet people who spend a lot of time out and about in the countryside surrounding Phandalin. The guildmaster is an ambitious and calculating human woman named Halia Thornton. In her attempts to establish the Miner's Exchange as the closest thing the town has to a governing authority, she acts as more than a simple merchant. She is also an agent of the Zhentarim, a powerful organization that seeks to exert secret control over the North through wealth and influence. Halia is working slowly to bring Phandalin under her control, and can become a valuable patron to the characters if they don't cross her. Halia doesn't know the location of Cragmaw Castle, but she has heard that the Redbrands have a goblin minion serving them. She suggests the goblin might know the location. She leverages this information to try to persuade the characters into helping her deal with the Redbrands. Quest: Halia'sJob Offer. If approached by characters she believes she can control, Halia explains that the Redbrands are a problem. She tells how the ruffians loiter around the Sleeping Giant tap house and have a base under Tresendar Manor, on the east edge of town. She then offers the characters 100 gp to eliminate the Redbrand leader, whom the outlaws call Glasstaff, and bring her any correspondence found in the leader's quarters. Halia doesn't reveal that she wants to take over the Redbrand operation herself. A DC 15 Wisdom (Insight) check indicates she has ulterior motives for wanting the Redbrand leader dead.