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Holistic Yoni Care Rituals Yoni Health Maintenance Herbs and Diet • Drink LOTS of water to keep her juicy and hydrated,

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Holistic Yoni Care Rituals Yoni Health Maintenance Herbs and Diet • Drink LOTS of water to keep her juicy and hydrated, and all of your glands and body systems working fluidly together. • Drink lemon water first thing in the morning, and eat citrus on a regular basis. This helps the Yoni’s happy ph balance, as well as inspiring her to have a sweet taste! • Eat black sesame seeds (for ovaries), bee pollen, yams and other root vegetables, seaweed, chocolate, spicy foods and other blue/black or orange colored foods for libido. • Eat fenugreek sprouts as a natural deodorizer… they are amazing! • Herbs for Yoni Care: -Slippery elm and schizandra berry for juciness -Shatavari, asoka, dong quai, red raspberry leaf and vitex berry as tonic herbs for cycle and utrine health -Damiana, maca root, cacao, kava kava, saffron and blue lotus for aphrodisiac effects • Drink tea with dong quai during first half of moon cycle, and tea with red raspberry, nettle, and parsley the second half for regulation, nutrients, tonification and nourishment. • Learn about and nourish your endocrine system, which encompasses all of the glands in the body that communicate through your hormones. Make friends with your hormones and have them on your team! Read Woman Code by Alisa Vitti, for more on this! Copyright Shakti Temple Arts 2015-All Rights Reserved

Hygeine • Cleanse the Yoni once a week (besides week of menstruation) with a peeled cucumber. Great to follow up internal massage. Twist the cucumber and move in and out. Cucumber is antimicrobial and helps cleanse harmful bacteria, yeast and viruses, also soothing for inflammation and nourishing of the tissues. • Bathe sensitive Yoni’s with diluted apple cider vinegar rather than soap. Your Yoni is self-cleansing, and soap can confuse her process. • Wear ONLY organic cotton underwear, and avoid tight fitting synthetic fiber clothing. Let Yoni breeeeeath! Take her for a walk on the earth in a skirt without panties, consciously allowing her to connect with the earth. • Use a Secret Ceres herbal wand (they can be purchased online at www.mytinysecrets.com) to balance ph, heal infections and keep your yoni clean and healthy.

Structural and Glandular Support • Self pleasure mapping internal Yoni massage: start with first knuckle in and massage in clockwise direction, holding points like going around the clock. Note where there is pleasure, pain, or numbness. Spiral all the way in to the cervix, then lovingly massage in circles around the cervix (it helps to lie on your back and lift your knees to access), then spiral massage all the way back out counterclockwise. • Practice kegels and Taoist Jade egg exercises, along with ovarian breathing and micro-cosmic orbit (take a workshop if you haven’t already!). These increase libido, pleasure, sensitivity, vitality and radiance and overall wellbeing. • Sun your Yoni when you have a secret, sacred place to let her have some rays. Imagine breathing the rays up through her and into your womb, and exhaling them back out to the sun. Triple diamond pose with souls of feet together, knees laying apart, and hands over head, palms up with index and thumb touching is ideal for energy flow.

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Rituals of Connection

• Synch your cycle with the moon through New and Full moon rituals. Use new moon to release and seed, and Full to celebrate and bask in radiance and gratitude. To synch and regulate your cycle, sleep in complete darkness (even put a towel under the door if light is coming in) all month except for the 3 days of the full moon; before, during and after the full moon…let the moon rays in! Ideally we bleed during the new moon and ovulate during the full. • Yoni soul gazing: place a candle in front of Yoni, and then angle a mirror so you can see your precious flower, diffuse your awareness by softening your mind and vision, and see what she has to share. • Self massage with oil: practice loving, present touch by massaging your whole body with oil, starting with extremities and working your way in to breast massage, massage over ovaries, then around outside of Yoni. • Use a rose quartz massage wand to self-pleasure and massage your yoni. • Have a self-lovemaking ritual, where you really take your time to honor and touch yourself as you most deeply crave to be loved and touched. Do Yoni soul gazing first and witness her flowering as you love her, and listen for her readiness to be entered. • Charge sacred waters with flowers, gems and prayers under the full moon and ritually bathe your yoni. • Wear special clothing and jewelry specifically for moon time, and ovulation time as well. • Get to know your fertile fluids, and check your Yoni juices every day to tune into your cycle. Slippery, stretchy and clear means the time of fertility! •

Take luxurious baths with crystals such as garnet, which is good for the womb, rose petals and lavender, bergamot or clary sage essential oils, which are all good for Yoni and womb.

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• Anoint your clitoris with diluted, pure rose essential oil for a warming, pleasurable activation, and sanctification. • Learn Yoni mudra and meditate holding Yoni mudra at the heart. This mudra activates all of her associated organs, glands and energy channels, and connects you deeply to the energy of the Divine Feminine and her power. • Meditate in the stillness of your womb, ask your deepest soul questions into her void, and await the echoing response, visually cleanse, tend and sanctify this holy space, and her gateway, the magnificent Yoni.

Pre and Post Menstrual Care

• Steam your Yoni 3 times the week leading up to your moon time. Use herbs such as mugwort, motherwort, calendula, rosemary, thyme, lavender, oregano, and basil (pick 2-3 per steam). Before bed simmer the herbs for 10 minutes and let steep for 5. Then cozy up with two chairs (a cheek on each with a gap for Yoni to steam), cover yourself and lap with a blanket creating a tent over steaming pot on the floor. Let Yoni breath the nourishing, womb cleansing steam for 20-40 minutes. This is great for tonifying through increased blood flow, removing toxins, and relieving menstrual cramps. Womb presencing is great during the nourishing steam as well! • Eat beets, goji berries, burdock root, seaweed, mung beans and bone broth to replenish minerals and build and cleanse the blood during your cycle. • Rest and rejuventation is key! Transition workouts, yoga practice, workloads etc. to more yin expressions. Eliminate stress and create spaciousness in your life and environment. • Massage womb area with warm castor oil to ease cramps. • Spend time in or around water and heat, this is the time for spa level self care! Steams, saunas, hot-cold plunges, bathes, hot tea, etc. Shakti Temple Arts 2015-All Rights Reserved

Moontime Rituals

• Offer moon blood to the Earth, with prayer for her healing, and for all beings. Build an Earth altar to offer your blood, and seed and fertilize your intentions and prayers for the new moon cycle there. • Drink the 2nd and 3rd days flow of moon blood diluted in water as sacrament. It is full of stem cells and all the magic ingredients that could have grown a human being! • Anoint your third eye with your moon blood, blessing yourself with this powerful fluid, and marking this sacred time in your cycle. Moon blood can also be used as a facial mask full of stem cells and skin rejuvenating properties. • If in partnership, sleep alone the first couple days of your moon cycle to allow for a full psychic and physical reset to take place. • Make your own moon pads out of organic cotton flannel (or order them online). The patterns are very simple to make, and it is a great way to love up your Yoni even further by serving and nurturing her tangibly. • Use pads the first 2 days of your cycle rather than moon cups to let her flow and cleanse. • Use moon cups instead of tampons to collect your precious fluids and keep your yoni moist and happy.

Make her your greatest ally, gift and teacher! Love her, bless her, and lavish her with care. Live your life as a juicy, open, pleasure-filled Yoni; ravished by the Divine in each and every moment, and deeply penetrated by all that life brings…

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