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Devin Hammer 8A 2-16-16 Anne Frank Anne Frank was a an every day girl who had conflict in her life like all of us. The d

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Devin Hammer 8A 2-16-16 Anne Frank Anne Frank was a an every day girl who had conflict in her life like all of us. The diary of Anne Frank, by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, is a autobiography about a girl who had to hide in a secret annex with her family because of the Nazis. Anne Franks diary is filled with conflict about her life and the people she stays with in the secret annex. Anne had to battle with conflict all throughout her life but Anne versus society was definitely one of the harder ones. Anne had to battle against the Nazis because they wanted all the Jewish people dead. "Then things got very bad for the Jews" this is one of many examples that the German society is against the Jews. This is not the only time in history did a society want Jewish people dead. Jesus was also battling society wanting him dead, this was because he claimed he was God's son, and people didn't believe him so they got mad and wanted him dead. In all of this chaos that was happening during Anne's time and Jesus' time they God looked down upon them and said if someone slaps you on one cheek offer them the other (Matthew 5:38). Anne wasn't struggling only with society but also with herself. Anne was a young teenage girl who was growing up and changing. When Anne first went into the secret annex a boy named Peter was going to live in there with her, and at first she did not like him at all, but when she started to grow up and change she started to like him. Another example was that Anne didn't realize how mean she was to people but again later on she started to realize that she was being mean. Although out of all the things Anne and everybody else does that we think God would be unhappy with us really he looks at us and forgives us.

A third and final conflict that Anne had was with others. Anne definitely had struggles with the people she lived with for two years because the only three people she like were her dad, Margot, and Peter. An example of someone she fought a lot with is her mom. Anne fought with her mom in the story a lot, but eventually realized what she was doing and made things right, "Look at me, the way I treated mother... so mean and horrid". Like all of this, the people fighting there has only been one time that the world was perfect before Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. After they both ate it God came and asked Adam if he ate of it and he blamed it on his wife Eve but they made up and now we are all able to glorify God and fix the world the best we can. Matthew 18:15 says. If your brother sins against you go and tell him his fault. Overall Anne Frank resolved a lot of her conflicts in her diary but not all of them. She resolved the conflict that she had with herself, she resolved the conflict she had with her mother and everybody else she was mean to in the annex, she resolved conflict with nature, but sadly she did not solve the conflict with society. Three out of four conflicts resolved in her diary is better than most people have done but the conflict is gone now.